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Cereal Creator

by Nestle


CerealCreator is a new buying experience for cereal lovers. They can create their preferred cereal combination and explore and try new flavours.

The whole site experience needs to be quite sensorial.


Headless eCommerce and Marketing site

Prevayl is a new concept for smart wearables focused on training. Their sensor and smart clothing integrate seamlessly to offer a new level of training information.

They required a site that could integrate all the functionalities of a CMS and eCommerce. We created a headless approach to obtain the best of both worlds. Prevayl's content team can benefit from a content management experience while integrating all the functions of eCommerce.


eCommerce and Marketing Site

We have developed the Corporate site and eCommerce with the goal of increasing the number of overall sales, both in retail and especially online. Every interaction on the website is to drive the user to a particular funnel to drive traffic to the eCommerce.

Additionally, the eCommerce is optimized to ensure a fast and reliable experience for visitors. It has accelerators configured, such as automatic discount codes that are created based on the user navigation, to incentivize customer conversion.


Corporate site to increase B2B lead generation

EnvoPAP needed a corporate site that had to be focused on generating B2B leads in an organized way based on their product categories. This would help their sales team to segment their customer base easily and be more efficient and productive to transform those deals on happy customers.

The corporate site had to also:

  • Communicate the vision and values of the company.
  • Provide a great platform to publish content that could help increase SEO and their online presence.
  • Display the whole catalog of products.
  • Communicate and promote their presence at events.

GSE Eficiencia Energética

Content creation and social media management

For GSE Eficiencia Energética we have carried out a content creation strategy on their website to attract potential B2B clients and generate high-value leads. Through the study of Keywords, different articles have been written on the Blog, which has created a great attraction and positioned the web in the first position of Google.

The professional social network Linkedin has been created and optimized, showing a professional and up-to-date image of the company, and supporting the creation of content on the web. The different employees of the company have been supported so that their LinkedIn profiles show the company's values and maintain professional coherence.

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